Hi all and welcome on my page, my name is Gerard Raatgeep .

At the moment i am busy with making selfies where the goal is to cover up my face/body with objects or food that i find in my house or i buy stuff with a goal to spend as low money as possible.

You can see a selection of the pictures on my site here.

I try to create something that i have never seen before, i like to connect things together what u normally won't do so quickly and that's very refreshing for the mind because i think life is a big replay of a replay of a replay.

The reason behind the project is actually simple, it just giving me a good feeling when i am for example putting up cooked spaghetti on my face, it's like being young without a feeling that u have to think about it if what u are doing is acceptable or normal (what's normal anyway?).
Also i try to dare myself to do more things that i find uncomfortable.
I never do photo shopping on my pictures, the only thing i do is change the contrast and sometimes i sharpen the pictures.

Also i am busy with building paint robots that are going to paint abstract art, i do this together with Benadski.
I am now busy with the website and i hope this project is going to finish within a few months.
You also have the possibility to see these painting robots live in action, also you can buy the art that the robots are going to make, more info about this project will follow soon.

Some publications:
Interview @ CoSMIC Crystals&DIRTY PigS.
Article by Lukas Horch @ for the whole world to see .
Article by Erik X. Raj.

If u want to ask me something or if u want to use some full size pictures without the Flickr logo for a magazine or something else, send me a e-mail on rtgp@rtgp.xyz

Also from time 2 time i make a mp3 DJ Mix, you can check them out here
And here you can download a Hardcore/Gabber mix that i made back in 2008, it's a very rough/agressivly mixed..Get it here --> DJ Linodila - Hardcore Gabber Mix (straight from the heart) 2008 (right click/save as)...(sorry no tracklist).
B.t.w. Linodila stands for LIve NOw DIe Later, i also used this name for some street art works.

Gerard Raatgeep, October 2016.